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 ProductsProfiSystem - a professional system of rolls and supporting blocks for your Feldenkrais' practice/clinic. It may be also used as training equipment.
 Examples of use

Why the System? Why the Feldenkrais ProfiSystem?



Rolls and supporting blocks, which you see via the Internet, you can not touch them, unfortunately.. And this is so important for every Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Please trust us in this area.


The "Secret" of the system consists in especially selected size and hardness of the rolls filling, as well as of high quality and pleasant to touch cover material.


While working with the Feldenkrais ProfiSystem you have even more possibilities and comfort.

Secret of rolls...

The hard rolls are sufficiently hard to conduct lessons on "rolling a pelvis" and it is pleasant enough for the client's pelvis while he/she lies down.


For "rolling" a leg in lying position on a side and for a "walking" lesson.
80 cm long und 18 cm Diameter
80 cm long und 15 cm Diameter
80 cm long und 10 cm Diameter

Give you enough possibilities to choose an appropriate size.

Soft rolls "Two In One - One In Two"

The secret of soft rolls...

You have the possibility to choose! Long or short!? Everything is possible!

By using a special sticking tape and a zip you can easily change two 40 cm rolls into one of 80 cm long and the opposite.





Thanks to a system of handles the rolls are easy to take them out.


And then to work with one side while the other lies down comfortably.


...to achieve even more comfort you place it under an armpit...


...to support an arm...

While a client lies down on his/her stomach to make his/her feet comfortable...
and also many other possibilities which you will may think about.

2 pcs 40 cm long and 18 cm diameter = 1 piece 80 cm long and 18 cm diameter
2 pcs 40 cm long and 15 cm diameter = 1 piece 80 cm long and 15 cm diameter
2 pcs 40 cm long and 10 cm diameter = 1 piece 80 cm long and 10 cm diameter


Secret of shapes
nicely hard and nicely soft!
hardness and softness combined in an appropriate way: 50cmx20 cm from 1 to 4 cm thick


...nicely and softly placed under someone`s head...


...combination of hard and soft supporting blocks designed to achieve a higher support.


50cm long i 20 cm wide, of sufficient dimensions in order to place shanks in a soft and comfortable way.


harder supporting blocks to make a stable seat in case the table is too law for a given person.




...harder supporting blocks to make knees more stable - torso "over the table" lesson.


And harder supporting blocks in order to support legs when the table is too law for a given person.


As well as many others funny



and professional usages ;-)

 Elements / Material

High aesthetic and tactile quality

Cover material, Exklusive Collection - The original Microfibres tested for harmful substances

many different and interesting designs and colours
resistant which seems to turn into `ultrasoft` silk under your fingers
remains beautiful after many years of intensive use
durability and endurance/strength achieved thanks to extraordinary features of microfibres
free exchange of air and humidity achieved thanks to the materials used for this collection guarantees complete comfort for your skin.


substrate - polyestery/cotton 65/35%
surface - polyamide 100%

The velours upper surface in 100% polyamide is firmly secured to the polyester - cotton base fabric. The fabrics feel and breathe like a second skin which easily allows moisture and body warmth through. In addition, the density of the microfibres gives the fabric a character as soft as a caress.



Internal material - the core idea

Elastic polyester foam foamed for the second time makes individual selection of appropriate hardness easier. The foam we use was examined by and granted the following certificates of:

Państwowy Zakład Higieny (National Institute of Hygiene): nr 15/PB/251/18/96 i 137/PB/251/226/96;
Instytut Włókiennictwa (Textile Research Institute) -specification of fire resistance under the PN - EN 1021 - 1 and PN -EN 1021 - 2 standards;
Główny Instytut Górnictwa (Central Mining Institute) - examination in view of resistance against mildew fungus;
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute) - Zakład Fizyki Cieplnej (Research Institute of Thermal Physics) - examination of heat conduction;

New!: “Hard&Soft&Light” Rolls. These hard rolls substitute rolls made of PE foam used till now, and give better comfort and effective. The rolls are covered of high quality Microfibres Collection Material with a big variety of colors to choose. The rolls are made of very tough foamed polystyrene (inside – it make them light and tough), and outside are covered of PE foam what gives a comfort feeling to your client. The rolls are very light in use.

 Advantages - briefly

ProfiSystem is an intelligent system of rolls and supporting blocks to practice Feldenkrai's Method in your consulting: room, clinic, training room.



"Rolls and supporting blocks of the Feldenkrais ProfiSystem Comfort are the first rolls and supporting  blocks, which are adjusted in 100% to the requirements and needs of a Feldenkrais' Method's teacher. If one works with them (ProfiSystem Comfort Plus) he or she may feel that someone spent some time thinking each detail over! That's Great!"

Patricio Simon,
Feldenkrais Teacher, Hamburg


In my work I used to use many materials which didn’t satisfy me and gave me a felling of compromise. With the aid of Marek’s Support materials I’ve found professional tool at last!”

Andrew Lutz

HP and Feldenkrais Teacher with his own apprenticeship in Munich.

"I whole heartedly recomend your supporting materials: the fablics are very pleasant and they allow many different and convenient combinations: of all the materials i've worked with in the past yours are by far the best."

Chava Shelhav


"I'm adminstrative director of Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. For many years I have been using support materials from various supliers in my training programs but was never really satisfied with their quality.

 I'm very happy that Marek Juszczak, one of my former trainees, has decided to create really good support material at a reasonable price. Finally there are rollers and paddings which are exactly tailored to a Feldenkrais Practitioner's daily needs. Whenever I use them I feel that there was a professional creating what he needs to work.

 For the future I will supply all my programs with the materials from Profisystem."

Patrick Gruner, adminstrative director of Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Germany (www.feldenkrais-ausbildung.de)

 Take care  

If you would like to tell me about your observations, impressions and experiences with using ProfiSystem, write to me: profisystem(at)feldenkrais.pl.

I would like to know your opinion.

Many thanks,

Yours Marek Juszczak



New!               History. Modernisations.



Need – mother of invention.

At the end of my training in 2004 I was looking for a suitable support material. I found high prices and improper quality only. They were too expensive for a student from Poland. I observed and consulted needs of teachers. I was gaining access to the materials in Poland and I presented to my colleagues my first prototype of Profisystem for Feldenkrais Method. My further development succeeds very fast… Thank you so much for your support… I won’t write the names of people I’d like to thank… Thank you so much from the deep and silence of my heart…


European Congress of Feldenkreis Method – Berlin 2005 – first official presentation; appreciation for ProfiSystem Comfort idea from many Practitioners and Trainers. All sets were sold!! 99.9% satisfied clients!


 Modernisation: October 2006:

After my first visit and presentation of ProfiSystem Comfort Plus in Vussem, October 2006, and consultation with Petra Koch and her students, I brought in a change in length of hard roll “Hard&Soft&Light”, diameter - 15 cm, from 80 cm length to 90 cm! The change is made for tall people to lie down on the roll with the whole length of spine (vertebral column).


 Modernisation:  12.08.2005


 Few months after the Congress, I’ve been motivated to further searching of new solutions. I always say: You can always find things which help you to do something much better.

 After my experience with Profisystem Comfort, I had a few new ideas: this is the way how the new Profisystem Comfor Plus has been invented!


1. Hiding-place for a nipple of zipper – it protects the material of the table from scratching. Every roll has the protective hiding-place (every model since May 2005)


2.Introduction to “Hard&Soft&Light” Rolls. These hard rolls substitute rolls made of PE foam used till now, and give better comfort and effective. The rolls are covered of high quality Microfibres Collection Material with a big variety of colors to choose. The rolls are made of very tough foamed polystyrene (inside – it make them light and tough), and outside are covered of PE foam what gives a comfort feeling to your client. The rolls are very light in use.

3. Introduction to Profisystem Comfort Plus based on PS Comfort!

- it substitutes PS Comfort: NEW! 3 tough rolls “Hard&Soft&Light”/ substitute rolls made of heavy and tough PU foam

sizes: - 80 cm long und 1x10 cm-;1x15 cm-; 1x17,5 cm- diameter


NEW: additional roll in the set – 50cm length, 1cm diameter, made of medium-hard PU foam.

Use for: back of head. You can use it to set pelvis and under feet.


4. Introduction to the new collections and interesting materials. The Orginal Microfibres – Puma





Many thanks,

Yours Marek Juszczak





 My experience, daily apprenticeship and observations of other practitioners let me recommend you materials: Lawa and Puma to your daily use.

 Materiale: crocodile, octopus and leopard are suitable for intensive use. They give impression of being thicker and "cosy".

 While selecting a cover material you should follow your good taste or intuition.
In case of any questions e-mail to us please, we will be willing to answer.


 Notice! Colors of the materials shown on the website may not be conforming with reality (because of data processing, settings and quality of display etc.). Please, bear that in mind while choosing of any material.

 Combinations proven to be correct:

Paul Newton's Set:

 Unfortunately the set of Paul Newton made of Astrakhan is not available any more. The materials has been sold. You can choose a similar combination of colors made of other high quality materials we offer.

Lawa Ruby or  Puma Red  for hard foams.
Lawa Rust  or Puma Rust  for soft foams.

 Blue colours :

Lawa Electric or Puma Kingsblue for hard foams
Lawa Sky or Puma Sky for soft foams

 Lawa Electric
Lawa Sky

Green colours :

Lawa Forest or Puma Green for hard foams.
Lawa Applegreen or Puma Grass for soft foams

Lawa Forest Lawa Applegreen

 Hoping that our recommendations or remarks may be useful for you.

We wish you a lot of success!

Marek Juszczak


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