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High aesthetic and tactile quality

Cover material, Exklusive Collection - The original Microfibres tested for harmful substances

many different and interesting designs and colours
resistant which seems to turn into `ultrasoft` silk under your fingers
remains beautiful after many years of intensive use
durability and endurance/strength achieved thanks to extraordinary features of microfibres
free exchange of air and humidity achieved thanks to the materials used for this collection guarantees complete comfort for your skin.


substrate - polyestery/cotton 65/35%
surface - polyamide 100%

The velours upper surface in 100% polyamide is firmly secured to the polyester - cotton base fabric. The fabrics feel and breathe like a second skin which easily allows moisture and body warmth through. In addition, the density of the microfibres gives the fabric a character as soft as a caress.



Internal material - the core idea

Elastic polyester foam foamed for the second time makes individual selection of appropriate hardness easier. The foam we use was examined by and granted the following certificates of:

Państwowy Zakład Higieny (National Institute of Hygiene): nr 15/PB/251/18/96 i 137/PB/251/226/96;
Instytut Włókiennictwa (Textile Research Institute) -specification of fire resistance under the PN - EN 1021 - 1 and PN -EN 1021 - 2 standards;
Główny Instytut Górnictwa (Central Mining Institute) - examination in view of resistance against mildew fungus;
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute) - Zakład Fizyki Cieplnej (Research Institute of Thermal Physics) - examination of heat conduction;

New!: “Hard&Soft&Light” Rolls. These hard rolls substitute rolls made of PE foam used till now, and give better comfort and effective. The rolls are covered of high quality Microfibres Collection Material with a big variety of colors to choose. The rolls are made of very tough foamed polystyrene (inside – it make them light and tough), and outside are covered of PE foam what gives a comfort feeling to your client. The rolls are very light in use.


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